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This Dynamic Earth
View of the planet Earth from the USGS.

Tectonics contains original scientific contributions in analytical, synthetic, and integrative tectonics. Papers are restricted to the structure and evolution of the terrestrial lithosphere with dominant emphasis on the continents.

Plate Tectonics animation
Wonderful animations of Plate Tectonics movement. Including gif, avi and mov formats.

WebDoGS Plate Tectonics Reconstruction
A collection of web goodies on plate tectonics reconstructions; links, research, animations, movies, and software.

Plate Tectonics
Archive of articles and graphical data related to plate tectonics.

Planet Earth Poster by THE SPACE STORE

When the Earth Moves: Seafloor Spreading and Plate Tectonics
Describes how investigators pursuing basic questions in ocean and terrestrial science gradually arrived at an understanding of how the planet's crust works.

GPS Time Series
Measurements made with the Global Positioning System are sensitive enough to detect motion of the Earth's tectonic plates.

Earth Floor: Plate Tectonics
Full and clear information about Plate Tectonics: Convergent Boundaries, Divergent Boundaries, Transform Boundaries.

Plate tectonics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plate tectonics. Types of plate boundaries. Sources of plate motion.

Information from the British Geological Survey.

Earth By Night, Art Poster

PLATES Project
Plate model and database allow users to make reconstructions from 750 Ma to present. From the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics.

An Introduction to Plate Tectonics
Plates movements. The theories that scientists have used to explain these movements.

NSF funded program which tries to understand the complex interplay of processes that govern the evolution of continental margins by a multidisciplinary approach, including seismicity and subduction processes.

Plate Tectonic Reconstructions and Paleomagnetism
Web server for making on-line plate tectonic reconstructions. Includes access to paleomagnetic data and analyses.

To measure crustal deformation in a tectonically active area, improve estimates of the earthquake hazard in southern California, and to serve as a testing ground for new geophysical instrumentation.

Weldon Beauchamp
Tectonic Evolution of the Atlas Mountains, North Africa. Research page with links to related recources.
World Stress Map
Database containing information on the contemporary tectonic stress state (e.g. orientation and magnitude) in the Earth's crust. Users can request customized stress maps for selected regions.
Plate Tectonics
This site provides useful information about tectonics: the origin of plate tectonics, indications of tectonic activity, age of the sea floor.
Peter Bird's programs for tectonic modeling
Tectonic modeling with finite elements: programs, publications, figures, and abstracts by Peter Bird of UCLA
Puzzles Of The Earth
Teaches the theory of plate tectonics.

Earth Daybreak from Space - ©Spaceshots, Wall Poster, 36x24

Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Diagrams of tectonics of The North Pacific and the West Coast of North America.

Tectonic Forces: by Robert Maurer
This is the origin and mechanics of the forces responsible for tectonic plate movements.

Study of the Recent Structural Evolution of Continental Basins in Altai-Sayan
PhD thesis on the active tectonics of Northeast Altai in central Asia focusing on structural geology, paleostress analysis, seismics and radon gas geochemistry.

The Ground Beneath
Plate tectonics theory. Drifting continents. Plates on the move.

Science News Online (5/1/99): Plate Tectonics . . . on Mars
Magnetic map reveals ancient activity on the Red Planet by Ron Cowen.

	Earth - Fuller Projection From Space by Spaceshots

Patrice Rey's Teaching Portfolio
Resources for students in geology and geophysics, including lectures notes, slide show and virtual field trips. Topics include structural geology, tectonics, and geology of granite.

Applied Paleomagnetics, Inc.
Offering Paleomagnetic core orientation and paleomagnetic services including paleomagnetic fracture orientation, fracture studies in fractured reservoirs, paleomagnetic orientation of in-situ stress and more. - Tectonics and Earthquakes in New Zealand
New Zealand ranks among the most active seismic places on earth: earthquakes occur there frequently and continuously. Detailed information with images, references, links, and books to buy.

Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Cocos-Nazca Spreading Center
This article is about Plate Tectonic Evolution written by Martin Meschede and Udo Barckhausen. | Plate Tectonics and Climate
Plate Tectonics and Climate by Dorian J. Burnette.

Lectures on Plate Tectonics by Mark W. Williams (University of Colorado at Boulder).

Plate Tectonics
This site should give you some good information about Plate Tectonics.

Fundamentals of Structural Geology by David D. Pollard, Raymond C. Fletcher Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions, 2nd Edition by George H. Davis, Stephen J. Reynolds Techniques of Modern Structural Geology, Volume 2: Folds and Fractures (Modern Structural Geology (Paperback)) by John G. Ramsay, Martin I. Huber Earth Structure: An Introduction to Structural Geology and Tectonics by Ben A. Van Der Pluijm, Stephen Marshak 3-D Structural Geology : A Practical Guide to Surface and Subsurface Map Interpretation by Richard H. Groshong

Structural Geology
by Robert J Twiss, Eldridge M. Moores

Structural Analysis and Synthesis:
A Laboratory Course in Structural Geology
by Stephen M. Rowland

Principles of Structural Geology
by John Suppe

Outline of Structural Geology
by Bruce E. Hobbs

Structural Geology
by Marland Pratt Billings

Stereographic Projection Techniques in Structural Geology by Peter R. Leyshon, Richard J. Lisle Structural Geology: An Introduction to Geometrical Techniques, 3rd Edition by Donal M. Ragan Structural Geology: Principles Concepts and Problems (2nd Edition) by Robert D. Hatcher Basic Methods of Structural Geology by Stephen Marshak, Gautum Mitra

Giovanni Guglielmo's Research Page on Salt Tectonics
Contains free computer animations, 3-D visualization, and interpretations of physical and finite element models of salt tectonics. These materials are useful for geological research, teaching, brainstorming, and seismic interpretation.

Structural Geology on the Web
A listing of structural geology resources on the web.

Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology on the WWW
Extensive collection of links to Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology.

Boudinage, Ore Deposits, and Crustal Tectonics
Information about how boudinage structures control the location and formation of ore deposits, and an analogue model for crustal tectonics.

Interactive Geologic, Geohydrologic and Geochemical Database and Model for the Little Snake River Drainage Basin, Wyoming
Provides new baseline data to the oil & gas industry, water planners, water-well drillers, geologists, engineers and hydrologists. Online Geologic, hydrologic and geochemical database for the Little Snake River Drainage Basin in Wyoming

Foundation of Structural Geology by R. G. PARK Acta Crystallographica - Section B - Structural Science The Techniques of Modern Structural Geology, Vol 1: Strain Analysis (Modern Structural Geology (Paperback)) by John G. Ramsay, Martin I. Huber Structural Geology and Personal Computers (Computer Methods in the Geosciences) by D.G. De Paor

Structural Geology: A Study in the Italian Alps
Research on different ultramafic rocks and their petrologic and structural relationships.

Patrice Rey's Teaching Portolio
Lecture notes, slides, and related resources on structural geology, tectonics, geodynamics and petrophysics.

Structural Geology on the Web
Structural geology web portal with links, modules, software, animations, feedback, important references, free download, ocx controls for visual basic and information on strain analysis, folding, faulting and fabrics.

Gabriel Gutierrez-Alonso, Salamanca University
Research projects into structural geology and tectonics.


Earth Science World
American Geological Institute resources for teachers and students. Includes searchable database of earth images, geologic time scale, and interactive features.

An information system aimed at archiving, publishing and distributing data from global change research with special emphasis on geological, marine and environmental sciences.

Walter Geology Library
Listing of virtual and on-line geologic field trip guidebooks.

Evolving Earth Foundation
Earth science and natural science resources, articles and online education.

Strata: William Smith on the Web
Publications of the father of modern geology, who first drew a chart of the strata under the surface of the earth. Printable version of Smith's famous geologic map of England.

Earth Science (With CD-ROM) by Edward J. Tarbuck, et al 	Earth Science (11th Edition) by Edward J. Tarbuck, et al Earth Science by Nancy E. Spaulding, Samuel N. Namowitz (Hardcover  - January 2000) Earth Science Made Simple (Made Simple) by Edward F. Phd Albin (Paperback) Applications and Investigations in Earth Science by Edward J. Tarbuck, et al (Spiral-bound)

Geoscapes Photography
Geologic and natural history landscape photography of the western United States and Pacific islands.

Photo Geo Gallery
Image gallery of European geology.

Allexperts Geology
Geologists answer submitted questions about geology.

Wieczorek, Jozef
Research on the geology of the Tatra mountains and other publications by this researcher.

The Rock Pile
Geoscience Resources portal.

Earth Science by Edward J. Tarbuck, et al Earth Science (Hardcover  - April 2002) Earth Science the Easy Way (Easy Way Series) by Alan D. Sills (Paperback) Foundations of Earth Science (4th Edition) by Frederick K Lutgens, et al (Paperback)

Geography Site: Physical Geography
Illustrated descriptions and explanations of earthquakes, plate tectonics, glaciers and glacial landforms, and volcanoes and volcanic deposits, intended for students up to age 16, but suitable for a wider audience.

Geological Society
General geology portal site, including links, products, and a discussion forum for professionals and students.

GeoSmitty's Geology and Outdoor Pages
Information about geology, geocaching and other outdoor adventures.

Applications and Investigations in Earth Science (5th Edition) by Edward J. Tarbuck, et al Earth Science: Geology, the Environment, and the Universe, Student Edition by McGraw-Hill Earth Science by Ralph M. Feather Let's Review Earth Science, 2nd Ed. by Edward J., Jr. Denecke, Jr., Edward J. Denecke (Paperback) Earth Science and the Environment (with EarthScienceNow and InfoTrac) by Graham R. Thompson, Jon Turk


Web Time Machine
Geologic time scale with links for each time interval.

Geologic Time
USGS on-line publication about the relative and radiometric geologic time scales, age of the earth, index fossils, and related topics.

Berkeley Geochronology Center
Non-profit scientific research institution dedicated to establishing the history of the Earth, its various inhabitants, and its interactions with the rest of our Solar System, throughout the 4.6 billion years of our Planet's existence.

Geochronology Working Group at Vienna University
Uses radiometric dating and classical geochronological methods to constrain the timing of geological processes, primarily in the Eastern Alps, the Carpathian - Pannonian region and adjoining area, and the Bohemian Massif. Includes descriptions of several isotopic techniques.

Geological Time
Lecture notes on different methods of measuring geologic time.

Synoptic Time Table of Earth History
Chart correlates geologic, paleontologic, and absolute time scales, also including glaciations.

Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy
Describes this method, used primarily to date marine sediments, and provides access to the global seawater strontium curve and a user-friendly table for converting 87Sr/86Sr values to numerical ages.

Journey to Center of the Earth DVD Journey to the Center of the Earth VHS


A system of listservers, internet pages, and ftp sites designed to enhance electronic communication among paleontologists. While primarily designed as a resource for paleontological professionals and graduate students, PaleoNet welcomes input and participation from all persons interested in the study of ancient life.

A web portal offering information primarily of use to professional paleontologists, including links to news, articles, job openings, and field class opportunities.

The Fossil Gallery
Interactive tour through the collections of the Paleontological Museum at the University of Oslo, Norway. Includes areas for plants, mammals, man, dinosaurs, fish, invertebrates, and background information.

USGS Paleontology
Site map for paleontology at the U.S. Geological Survey
Information about fossils, book reviews, photographic images, and Paleolist, a free email-based discussion list.

Paleontology and Fossils Resources
Offers extensive list of links about paleontology and fossils, library guides, and lists of books.

Paleontology in the 21st Century
Summary of a 1997 meeting which outlined the current state of paleontology, and the areas which the science will encompass in the future.

Follow a Fossil
Online museum exhibit tracing the history of a number of types of fossils from outcrop to display case. From the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Chris Clowes's Paleontology Page
Summary information on a variety of paleontological subjects, focusing on the major events in the history of life. Includes extensive links to other resources.

Views of the Earth (1994) VHS On a Collision Course With Earth  VHS Earth:Third Planet  VHS
Earth Science for Students: Astronomy I VHS Earth Science for Students: Astronomy II VHS Earth Science for Students: Oceanography VHS Biotechnology Earth Science for Students: Changes in Weather VHS

Earth Science for Students: Earthquakes & Volcanoes Earth Science for Students: Weathering & Erosion VHS Earth Science for Students: What is Weather? VHS Earth Science for Students: Minerals, Gems, & Ores VHS Earth Science for Students: The Rock Cycle VHS

Foundations of Earth Science--Media Update (3rd Edition) (Paperback)
by Frederick K. Lutgens, Edward J. Tarbuck, Dennis Tasa Energy on Earth (Educational Video) VHS Air, Earth, Fire and Water (Educational Video) VHS Earth as Magnet DVD Dynamic Earth DVD
A Brief History of the Earth Sciences
(Educational Video) VHS

Under the Sea Poster

Standard Deviants School - Astronomy, Program 4 - The Earth and the Moon (Classroom Edition) (2000) VHS
Original Release Date: 2000 The Standard Deviants - Learn Biology The Standard Deviants - Learn Chemistry 1

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